Upgrade your campus recruiting

Merit·ful /ˈmeritfəl/ Relationship management software designed specifically for hiring students.
Organize teams, plan events, engage candidates and measure your success.

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What we do

Meritful helps companies manage their campus recruiting program and improve their relationship with students. It has been called the CRM for campus recruiting.

Organize Your Team
Use our intuitive collaboration software to organize your campus recruiting teams and share critical information.
Plan Your Events
Quickly plan and share recruiting events with your campus teams. Invite students to signup for events and upload their resume.
Track and Communicate with Candidates
Begin tracking candidates as soon as you meet them. Manage email communication, collaboratively evaluate and pipeline students.
Engage Beyond Email
Invite students to join your company network to connect with campus ambassadors. Share content, run competitions and build your brand.
Create company networks to connect students with current employees and ask questions, share thoughts and engage candidates.
Streamline job application
Have students apply to jobs through Meritful and get a head start on the competition.

Meritful Founders